Deck Waterproofing

  • Under tile waterproofing
  • Tile deck installations
  • Slate decks
  • Limestone decks
  • Terracotta decks
  • Saltillo decks
  • Travertine decks

Diagnostic Water Tests

  • Locating deck leaks
  • Invasive investigations
  • Deck water damage
  • Eco-friendly mold removal
  • Structural dry rot
  • Deck termite damage
Deck Waterproofing Prices to High?
Deck Waterproofing Prices to High?
We'll beat competitors estimate by 10%
We'll beat competitors estimate by 10%
We'll beat competitors estimate by 10%
We'll beat competitors estimate by 10%
We'll beat competitors estimate by 10%
We'll beat competitors estimate by 10%


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  • Deck Waterproofing
  • Under Tile Waterproofing
  • Deck Leaks
  • Drain Leaks
  • Deck Flashing
  • Deck Water Damage
  • Mold Removal
Tremco Vulkem 350 deck waterproofing located above condominium subterranean garage

Tremco Vulkem 350 Under Tile Deck Waterproofing

  • Vulkem 350 membrane is ideal for decks, balconies, elevated courtyards, roof terraces, exterior stairways, and landings requiring a leak free waterproofing system.
  • Proven results, Tremco Vulkem 350 applications world wide.
  • Vulkem 350 specified by architects for waterproofing protection world wide
  • Tremco certified waterproofing applicator for guaranteed leak free results.
  • Protection from water intrusion and deck leaks.
  • Vulkum 350 waterproofing approved for tile, stone applications on decks, balconies, elevated courtyards, roof terraces, exterior stairways.
  • Vulkem 350 application to decks, thresholds, and flashings creating a monolithic polyurethane rubber waterproofing membrane.
  • Applied directly over plywood substrate creating a seamless monolithic under tile waterproofing membrane.
  • Provides a flexible polyurethane membrane designed for structural thermal expansion and contraction.
  • Provides excellent adhesion to perimeter deck flashings and deck drain flanges preventing water migration into substrate and occupied space for leak free waterproofing protection.

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Slate tile installation over deck waterproofing located above condominium subterranean garage

Advantages of Tile, Stone Installations Over Deck Waterproofing

  • Our waterproofing process allows for direct tile, stone installations over decks, balconies.
  • Eliminate costly maintenance deck coatings requirements.
  • Proven results, Guaranteed in writing not to leak.
  • You choose the tile, limestone, slate, etc. and we install over deck, balconies waterproofing.
  • TCNA approved standards for tile, stone installations on decks, balconies.
  • Low cost tile, stone deck maintenance only requires application of penetrating sealer.
  • tile, stone decks maintenance requires application of penetrating sealer to tile, stone finish creating a water repellant surface.
  • Penetrating sealers also protect tile, stone finishes with water stains, surface stains, and discoloring.
  • tile, stone decks provide a long lasting natural look to deck surfaces.

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Anti-fracture membrane applied to sloping mortar bed for secondary deck waterproofing

Anti-Fracture Membrane

  • The TCNA requires anti-fracture membrane to sloping mortar bed to prevent surface water penetration on tile, stone decks.
  • Ardex 8 & 9 waterproofing anti-fracture membrane prevents deck tile efflorescence conditions.
  • Anti-fracture membrane is a secondary membrane applied to sloping mortar bed.
  • Anti-fracture membrane engineered to bond directly to tile, stone thin set.
  • Prevents tile deck surface water penetration into sloping mortar bed.

Deck Sloping, TCNA Requires Deck Sloping For Deck Drainage

Why Deck Sloping necessary

  • Prevents water ponding on deck surface.
  • Allows surface water flow to deck drain.
  • Prevents efflorescence conditions on tile, stone decks.
  • Pre-sloped decks create the correct pitch for tile, stone deck surface water drainage.
  • Sloping design and layout controls deck surface water flow.
  • Allows for installing perimeter expansion joint details to deck prior to deck tile, stone installation

Expansion Joints

The TCNA Provides Movement Joint Guidelines For Tile, Stone Decks Installations

  • Expansion joints prevent tile, stone deck cracks due to structural thermal movement.
  • Tile decks require perimeter expansion joints to allow for tile movement as per TCNA guidelines.
  • Closed cell polyethylene backer rod control the sealant depth for tile deck perimeter expansion joints.
  • Backer rods are friction fitted to ½" depth and ¼" wide joint allowing for correct sealant application at tile deck surface.
  • Deck drains also require expansion joint installations to control movement at deck drain / tile deck surface connection.

Note: Grout joints at deck drain / tile deck connection are not recommended as per TCNA Guidelines.


Deck Flashings

  • Prefabricated flashings available for deck door pan flashings, exterior stair flashings, drip edge flashings, change in elevation flashings, radius deck wall flashings, outside corner flashings, overflow drain flashings, parapet wall drain flashings.
  • All deck flashings are set in bed of urethane sealant to prevent leaks.
  • Most waterproofing contractors DO NOT set deck flashings in full bed of urethane sealant.
  • Deck flashings set in urethane allows for thermal expansion and contraction movement at connections and transitions.
  • Defective deck transition flashings and flashings that were not prefabricated create water intrusion and mold conditions to substrate and structure.

Deck Drains

  • Available In Bronze and Stainless Steel
  • Maintenance free deck drains guaranteed not to leak.
  • Durable adjustable 4" bronze grate can positioned at correct elevation of tile, stone deck surface.
  • Copper flashing is attached to bronze fitting and secondary weep holes for deck drainage required for tile, stone decks.

Premium Thin-Set Mortar for tile, stone Installations on Decks

TCNA Approved Thin-Set Mortar For Tile, Stone Decks

  • Laticrete 254 Platinum
  • Superior adhesion for exterior tile, stone decks and submerged applications.
  • Contains Microban antimicrobial protection to inhibit the growth of stain causing mold and mildew on tile decks.

Premium Grout for Tile, Stone Installations on Decks

TCNA Approved Grout For Tile, Stone Decks

  • Laticrete Permacolor Grout
  • Consistent color matching available in 40 colors for exterior tile, stone decks.
  • Stain resistance grout containing Microban antimicrobial protection.

Aqua Mix Sealer

TCNA Approved Tile, Stone Water Repellant For Decks

  • Penetrating sealer applied to tile, stone decks prevent penetration of moisture to deck surface.
  • Aqua Mix provides a no-sheen, natural look finish to tile, stone decks.
  • Prevents water stains to tile, stone decks.

Drainage panels

  • Deck drainage panels protect waterproofing membrane from structural thermal expansion and contraction.
  • Drainage panels protects waterproofing membrane from sloping mortar bed. The wire mesh reinforced mortar bed cuts into the under tile waterproofing membrane due to thermal movement.
  • Drainage panel creates a floating structural sloping mortar bed for independent thermal movement.
  • Drainage panels provide a channel for under tile water migration to deck drain, preventing moisture buildup under sloping mortar bed.
Malibu beach front residence with defective under tile waterproofing

Deck Waterproofing

Malibu beach front residence with defective under tile waterproofing

  • Balcony leaks causing water damage to living room ceiling below balcony
  • Scaffolding erected for direct access to balcony waterproofing
  • A series of diagnostic water tests conducted to identify the sources of balcony leaks
Invasive investigation to identify balcony leak source

Invasive Investigation To Identify Balcony Leak Source

Locating mold conditions due to water intrusion

  • On-site mold testing provided immediate results
  • Defective balcony flashings creating tile balcony leaks
  • Radius balcony wall leaks due to lack of prefabricated flashings
Roofing membrane installed as under tile waterproofing creating balcony leaks

Substandard Under Tile Waterproofing

Roofing membrane installed as under tile waterproofing creating balcony leaks

  • Containment barriers installed to living room ceiling to isolate mold spores
  • Existing 3”x3” balcony flashing is substandard for under tile waterproofing
  • Minimum 6”x6” balcony flashing required for under tile waterproofing
Replacing defective balcony drain

Replacing Defective Balcony Drain

Zurn polished brass replacement balcony drain

  • Brass drain resists salt air corrosion in marine environments
  • Combination invertible membrane clamp and adjustable collar drain ideal for tile and stone balcony installations
  • Balcony drain seepage slots provide under tile waterproofing drainage
Installation of balcony prefabricated copper flashings

Installation Of Balcony Prefabricated Copper Flashings

Copper flashings resists salt air corrosion in marine environments

  • Prefabricated 22 gauge copper 4”x8” flashings soldered at connections
  • Prefabricated flashings required to prevent balcony leaks at flashing connections
  • Flashings set in bed of urethane to prevent water intrusion at plywood substrate flashing connection
Balcony threshold prefabricated copper flashing

Balcony Threshold Prefabricated Copper Flashing

End dam detail to threshold flashing providing wind driven rain protection to interior of residence

  • Threshold / door transitions is a primary source of water intrusion and balcony leaks
  • Copper deck flashings resists rusting and salt air corrosion
Balcony application of bituthene under tile waterproofing

Application Of Bituthene Under Tile Waterproofing

Bituthene membrane creates a durable under tile waterproofing

  • Installation of Bituthene deck prep, a two component coating designed to level and prepare substrate prior to installing bituthene membrane
  • Bituthene membrane allows for thermal expansion and contraction
Balcony 24 hour standing water flood test

Conducting A 24 Hour Standing Water Flood Test

Water flood test required to verify balcony waterproofing is leak free

Balcony sloping mortar bed applied over under tile waterproofing

Sloping Mortar Bed Applied Over Under Tile Waterproofing

Horizontal drainage panels installed over bituthene membrane

Warning: many waterproofing contractors apply wire mesh and sloping mortar bed directly over under tile waterproofing causing deck leaks.

Drainage panels protect under tile waterproofing membrane and drains subsurface water to drain
  • Anti-fracture / waterproofing membrane applied over sloping mortar bed
  • Protects sloping mortar bed substrate from water intrusion
  • Creates a moisture barrier for tile, stone decks from efflorescence conditions
  • Provides a compatible bonding layer for tile, stone installations to balconies
Balcony limestone tile installation over under tile waterproofing

Balcony limestone tile installation over under tile waterproofing

Limestone tile set with compatible water repellent thin set

  • Water repellent sealer applied to limestone balcony tile
  • Allows for natural surface water flow to balcony drain
  • Water repellent sealer prevent staining on balcony tile, stone installations
Copper awning installation above balcony

Copper Awning Installation Above Balcony

Scaffolding erected for direct access to balcony waterproofing

  • Copper awnings resists salt air corrosion
  • Scaffolding eliminates transporting material and equipment thru residence
Balcony under tile waterproofing complete

Balcony Under Tile Waterproofing Complete

  • We provide the equipment, experience and knowledge to identify and correct tile, stone balcony leaks.
Tile balcony completion

Tile Balcony Waterproofing | Restoration Splash With Confidence

No tile balcony leaks 14 years

Project completion June, 1998

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